So all those other topics a little heavy for you, you say? You were just surfing around and wanted something interesting to look at? Well, here you go. I'll keep adding links as I find them. Not only are there fun games and just goofy websites here, but genuinely worthy and helpful sites that just didn't fit anywhere else. Feel free to email me with your favorite websites.

Ladyveg's Brain Candy Links

Apple Corps
Like Mr. Potato Head on your screen. Be sure to read the instructions. :-P
Draac's Free Gifs 123
Draac has at least 12 pages of animated gifs for anyone to steal. They're quite fun to just look at too. Also lessons in HTML and tips on making and promoting your webpage.
Marcell's E-Cards Page
I love sending people E-Cards. Marcell has an impressive list of links to all kinds.
Naomi's Page
This is my sister's page. She is sixteen.
Another great collection of e-card links.
This Is True
A weekly syndicated newspaper column. You can subscribe for a free collection of weird news articles to be sent to you via email every other week. I found them mildly amusing.
Pagans, Pets and Veggies
One of my best friends. The title of her page says it all. Anyone with this many pets has got to be insane! Check it out!
Mick's Homepage
Another wonderful cyberfriend of mine. She's got lots and lots of rats, along with mice, gerbils, a Bruce Campbell page, cats, body art, fish, vegetarianism, and oh, more pets.
Farmers Pick
Click on "Fun Stuff" to enter a drawing--great recipes, too. A commercial site, they sell reasonably priced garlic braids and chili ristras.
Digital Librarian
A librarian's choice of the best of the web.
ER Episode Summary/Review
Just in case you missed an episode.
Frugal Corner
Home of the newsgroup misc.consumers.frugal-living
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