Attachment Parenting and the Family Bed

Huh? She lets her baby sleep her bed? Is that LEGAL???

Yes, we have a family bed, and I practice what is called attachment parenting. Attachment parenting is a style of parenting that usually consists of most, if not all, of these things: Extended breastfeeding, family bed, wearing baby in a sling, non-punitive discipline, responding quickly to a baby's cry and breastfeeding on demand.

My son has never slept in a crib. I believe that a baby needs to be with the mother all the time, not just during daylight hours. I don't remember any rule that said parents are entitled to a full nights' sleep, but some people seem to think this is true. Rather, I feel that a child is entitled to 24-hour access to mom and dad if needed.

Now that my son is two, he has his "own" bed, but he still comes in to my room at times during the night. He is welcome. He goes to bed very well, never a fuss or a tantrum about it. I think the two years of rocking and nursing to sleep every night paid off in a secure little boy. (And we still rock and nurse to sleep on occasion, too.)

Thoughts on the Family Bed and Attachment Parenting are presented much more clearly in the web sites listed below. Please take the time to visit them.

RECOMMENDED READING: "The Discipline Book" and "Nighttime Parenting" by William Sears, MD and Martha Sears, RN "The Family Bed" by Tine Theniven

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