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Tofu? I Gotta Eat Tofu?

No, if you become a vegetarian or a vegan, no one is going to force you to eat tofu. But if prepared well, it's something you might like. Check out some of the cookbooks and recipe sites I recommend for more on tofu preparation.

I am a vegetarian. That means I don't eat any kind of meat. That includes fish, chicken, turkey, cow, sheep, calf, clams, or anything that could be considered flesh.

Those of you who have been to this page before may remember that I was vegan for quite a long time. I can't say that I am anymore, I do eat foods with some dairy and egg products in them. But I don't rely on these foods by any means. We still use soymilk instead of dairy milk.

I could go into the health, economic, compassionate reasons to go vegetarian but many others have explained it much better than I could. Read something from the recommended reading list, or check out a link.

RECOMMENDED READING: For ethical and environmental reasons to go veg, read "Diet For a New America" and "May All Be Fed, Diet For A New World" by John Robbins.

For health reasons to go veg, read "Food For Life" by Neal Barnard, M.D. or anything by John McDougall, M.D.

Cookbooks I've been using lately are "Simply Vegan" by Debra Wasserman, "The Meatless Gourmet" and "The Meatless Gourmet, Easy, Lowfat and Fast" by Bobbie Hinman, and 1001 Low Fat Favorites, by Sue Spitler.

Ladyveggie's Veggie Links

Veggies Unite!
You can't have a list of veggie links without including this one. Newsletter, meal planner, more recipes than you can ever try!
Great articles by John Robbins and others, cartoons, "pre-vegan demons"
Vegetarian Baby
A newsletter for people with vegetarian children under three.
The Vegan Page
Vegan information, products, and vegetarian newsgroups
Vegan/Vegetarian Dating Page
I had to add this because it makes me giggle.
Lots of message boards, even one for homeschoolers! Plus recipes, and an online magazine.
Vegetarian Times
A fine publication and a fine website. Email them and tell them to get a better message board, though.
Next time you're in DePere, WI, stop by my favorite vegan cafe!
The Not Milk Page
What this man has to say about cow's milk is frightening. If you use cow's milk products, you should read this man's side of the story.
The House Of Mike
A vegan's personal homepage, well done. Lots of health related resources and homeschooling links too.
All Raw Times Homepage
The page for people who believe in a raw foods vegan diet.
The Carrot and The Stick
Vegetarian recipes, news articles, veggie, herb, and garden bookstore
Compassion Over Killing
Washington D.C.'s only grassroots animal rights activist organization.
Vegetarian Cartoons
Need a laugh? Someone collected over 87 cartoons all with veggie themes.
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