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Veggie Recipes: Real Food For Real Nice People

Watch this space for a full menu, including recipes, for a fabulous Vegetarian Winter Feast! The theme? Italian Buffet. Until then, try some of the recipe sites below. You are guaranteed to find something wonderful to eat.

Ladyveggie's Recipe Sites

Veggies Unite!
Searchable collection of over 2000 recipes, grouped by type, complete with comments and meal planner.
FATFREE: The Low-Fat Vegetarian Archive
Contains 2,541 fat-free/very low fat vegetarian recipes, nutrition information, and a FAQ.
Foodweb Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes
Recipes, links to gardening and veggie sites.
In a Vegetarian Kitchen
This is how it all works...lots of recipes too!
International Vegetarian Union
Recipes around the world. Browse and search these all vegan recipes!
Vegan Recipes from the Cat-Tea Corner
I loved these. And it's a nice website too.
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